Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friday, June 22, 2007

Thursday, July 13, 2006

"Cruel Fredrick"- This piece was created from a german poem I read in which a rich little boy wrecked havoc on a small village. I created the setting in 19th century Romainia. Painted with photoshop.

Hitomi and the Baku
The baku is a japanese mythological creature which I tried to reinvent, and the female was created to be the trainer of the baku. With her drum staff, she calls and sends the baku off to relieve humans of their bad dreams. Living in a realm of dreams, the trainer and creature are each other's only company and best friend.

"Davinci's study"-
In this project I tried to re-create Leonardo Davinci's study. I imagined it to be an old castle-style building that overlooks his small Italian home town "Vinci". In these images, I am using his experimentation with a large telescope as the point of focus. Here I have provided you with three interior shots so you could get a good feel ot the castle and one exterior shot to show the placement of the castle to the town. Photoshop used on first and second image.

"Sea Creature"-
In this piece, I was trying to create a large underwater creature which maintains a symbiotic relationship with the people of a floating island. When the fish was young, it battled a giant squid which broke it's back. The people of the island created this backbrace/harness to help the fish live. In return, the fish allows the people of the shell island to anchor onto it so it can move the island accordingly with the seasons.
Painting of the final version was created using photoshop.